Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ikea Groland Butcher Block Coffee Table

We didn't use the butcher block top that came with Groland kitchen island when we built our bathroom vanity .  We made the top into a coffee table.

The butcher block  top was sanded with 220 grit paper, stained with Min-Wax dark walnut, coated with several coats of Min-Wax oil based Polyurethane.

The table shows some banding across the top from the factory construction process.  We decided to leave that in as a character element.

The poly adds a slightly yellowed tint that gives a warm feel.  Water based poly does not have this effect.

The top is hollow in the center section underneath, an Ikea cost savings. The wood is full thickness for the three inches on either end.

I had some 3/4 plywood in the garage that I cut to the size of the hollow are area.  Ie glued the plywood underneath the table and then screwed hairpin legs through the plywood into the top using 1 1/4" #10 screws.  I drilled pilot holes using the "duct tape depth mark" trick so as not to go through the table top.

Created 9/20/2015


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